PHIIT - A Wellbeing and Fitness Plan.

A Happier You


What is included in the workouts?

This plan is designed to combine Pilates and High Intensity Interval Training. After completing your initial consultation you will receive 6 personalised workouts to do each week. Each workout will be designed around your fitness levels and body type and goals.

Beach Yoga
Online Yoga

How will you support me?

Online programs can seem like you are doing it alone but with my plan you will have my full support through phone calls, emails and regular check ins. Having access to a members area will also allow you to chat to other members, see their progress and help each other keep motivated.

Will you help me with nutrition?

This is not a weight loss program, this program is designed to help you understand and love your body. However you will receive weekly emails which will include nutritional advice and some of my favorite recipes. I have teamed up with some great Nutritionist to get you the best advice possible.

Pebbles on the Sand

Mind and Body

To change your relationship with your body I believe we also need to pay attention to your mental health that is why in this program we will look at mindfulness, meditation and mental health knowledge to help you achieve your goals.