Claire's Pilates PT

Improving your mind and body confidence through movement.

I believe movement is medicine and I work with my clients to overcome old injuries, reduce pain and build confidence. I work alongside a great team of Sports, Reflexology and Nutritional therapists to provide the correct training for each individual client. I provide a bespoke service to help each individual achieve their movement goals.

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Let's Train Together!

Don't Sweat, Sparkle.

Personal Training & Corrective Exercise

I specialise in helping people move correctly. My 1:1 corrective exercise package includes:

  • 15 minute free phone consultation

  • 30 Minute movement assessment

  • 45 Minute 1:1 session working on correcting movement, improving strength, mobility and flexibility

I work with may different clients from back ache to hip replacements, taking them through a program that will increase mobility, strength and confidence. I believe that movement is medicine and I can help you recover from injury or pain and help create a stronger you!

Book a free consultation to find out how I can help you.


On Demand Classes

All my live classes are recorded and added to my online library. Become a member and have access to all my recorded classes plus bonus videos that will help relieve pain and improve confidence.

8 Week Online PHIIT Program

Improve your strength, stamina and flexibility in my 8 week Pilates HIIT program. This holistic online plan will change your relationship with your body!

Included in this package:

  • Initial assessment

  • Weekly HIIT and Pilates workouts, these can be done anywhere at anytime. 

  • Nutritional Advice and some meal plan guides.

  • Weekly check ins with Claire to help you complete your goals.


About Claire Smith Fitness

Change your relationship with your body and fitness.

After Dancing for many years I learnt how important it was to understand your body. My passion is educating people on how they can improve their fitness and lifestyle through Pilates.

Learn how to be confident and trust your body.


What People Are Saying

I have done pilates for the last 14 years and have tried various classes. Claire's classes are always really well planned. She delivers her classes with great care and thorough explanations of techniques and possible ways to adapt certain exercises if you have injuries or want a further challenge. The 1:1 posture check and personal exercises and feedback were a fabulous way of making sure I was getting the most out of classes and my  own pilates work. 
I wholeheartedly would recommend Claire to people who both have and haven't done pilates before.

Sarah Ferguson