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Claire Smith Fitness is a bespoke personal training and pilates service, offering a high end experience whilst retaining an inclusive atmosphere making tailored personal fitness training accessible to all. "I understand that personal fitness training isn’t a one size fits all model and I work with clients to create a holistic fitness and lifestyle plan. 

Personal Training

I believe a Personal Trainer is a coach and a friend, I am committed to helping you to be the best that you can be in a safe and controlled manner. Guiding you through your practical sessions.

Pilates Training

After studying Pilates while in the dance profession I quickly learned how important it is for the body. Improving flexibility, mobility and core strength are the fundamentals of fitness.

Group Training

Working out with friends or partners can be a great motivator. Together we will work on programs so each of you can feel the benefit and improve on you fitness. Bring your friends along and see how beneficial a group fitness class can be.


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Anita Gilbert

Really enjoying my 1:1 PT sessions with Claire. I’m seeing a big difference in fitness and tone. I have quite a few old injury and joint issues and Claire structures my sessions accordingly and with understanding. Highly recommend.

Kath Sales

Would recommend Claire for Pilates always challenging with the use of some great 
equipment which also makes it fun I think 😂😂😂 x

Sue Sanford

I’m very happy to recommend Claire, I’ve returned to HIIT classes after a 9 month break and couldn’t have done it without Claire’s encouragement and support. 
Knowing you have a trainer who will pitch things perfectly so you make progress without feeling overwhelmed is a treat !

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